What Are Some of the Services You Can Find at Sports Clinic Dubai

You might have heard of people going to sports clinics but don’t really know what exactly they are going there for. You might think that sports clinics are only for athletes or sports enthusiasts who need special care from doctors and therapists and it costs a lot of money to go to one.



You will be surprised to know that sports clinics are actually just like your regular hospitals where patients of all ages can come in for treatment. The main difference is that sports clinics focus on treating physical conditions of the patients such as injuries, body pains, motor movement issues, and some other physical disabilities that might have been acquired at birth or through other unfortunate accidents. In other words, sports clinics are not just for rich sports people or athletes. Their specialties and treatments are also open to the general public.

So when you go to a sports clinic Dubai, there are several services you can expect to get there. These may all vary of course depending on which clinic you go to, but more or less you will easily find these services at established sports clinic in the city:


Treatments for Injuries and Injury Prevention

Most of the sports clinics you will find will have this kind of treatment for its patients. There are different programs that can help patients recover from their sports-related injuries and there are also exercises and nutrition or diet plans that can aid in improving the over all condition of the body so that it becomes more resistant to illnesses and injuries. A great effect of these treatments is that the patient will also experience an over all improvement in his emotional and mental conditions.


Assessment of Injuries and Rehabilitation

Of course a sports clinic is not a sports clinic if it doesn’t assess the patient’s physical condition and then offers a customized program for rehabilitation of the any of the problems found during the assessment. Sports clinic Dubai services like the ones found at disc-me clinic include the checking of injuries that have been chronic, short-term, or those that are recurring and might also be related to other physical ailments.


As part of the rehabilitation, you will also get a personalized diet plan that will contribute to the faster rehabilitation process. For the rehabilitation, expect to get some combination treatments like massages, exercises, and some motor tests and a series of manual joint manipulation.



Screening of Musculoskeletal System


One of the main services every sports clinic should have is the screening of the musculoskeletal system and posture of the patients. This procedure is mainly for assessing complains about back problems and muscle strains and is effective in helping your doctors and therapists determine how to properly treat your condition.


Through a musculoskeletal system screening, your specialists can check which parts of your spine or bones are problematic and need immediate attention or therapy. They would be able to see the weak areas of the bones and treat it immediately to regain its functional condition.