How to Start An Event Management Company

Event management companies in Dubai have become a really in-demand business because of the many big events, seminars, trade shows, and gatherings being held in the city every year. Now that there is a steady demand for the service of event management, there are also many business people who’d like to know how to get into this lucrative industry. Here are some start-up tips you can rely on if you would like to dive into the world of events management.


Become Certified

This means you have to get all the permits, licenses, and other official documents you need in order to operate your business legally in your location. Often times, small business owners think that since they are just starting out, they don’t need to worry too much about the paper work and should just focus on getting the word out there that they actually have this event planning or organizing business.

However, if you skip this step, you’ll soon find out that your events planning company’s operations won’t run smoothly. That’s because once you start selling your service and skills to customers, they will also ask for official receipts and other important documentations for buying your services. Also, if you charge people a fee for your services, of course you have to pay taxes and that also requires documentation and proper business registrations. So, why not do yourself a favor and deal with the paper work first before advertising your event management company. This way you are sure that once you do get customers, you can handle their contract smoothly because you have all the legal documents required for your business operations.

Know Your Start Up Costs

What amount of cash will you have to begin your occasion arranging business? That will rely on upon the typical cost for basic items in the zone your business serves and whether you telecommute or rent office space. It will likewise depend, to a lesser degree, all alone taste and way of life decisions.

Remember that while telecommuting will keep your costs low, you can’t begin any yet the littlest of occasion arranging business on a shoestring.

Think About Your Daily Operations

Few, assuming any, occasion organizers have 9-to-5 occupations. By its extremely nature, occasion arranging has a tendency to include nights, weekends, occasions and now and again even particular seasons. The amount of time you should focus on working will depend, at the end of the day, on the specialization you pick.

When in doubt, get-togethers include more weekends and occasions than corporate occasions do. A few zones of the nation and some writes of occasions have “on” and “off” seasons. Be that as it may, regardless of what your specialization (except for gatherings for youthful kids), you can depend on working in any event a few nighttimes as you facilitate and regulate occasions. The arranging of those occasions, be that as it may, will be done generally amid business hours.


These are just some of the start-up things you should think about for your event management company. Remember to do a lot of research and ask friends and business advisers about your planning and ideas before you take the plunge.

How to Start Writing for a Magazine

Writing for various magazines and productions can get you additional salary as well as acknowledgment particularly when your articles are top notch ones that truly give vital data and practical tips to readers. Online magazine sites like Tharawat Magazine notes that with today’s thriving online media culture, people from different career or social backgrounds can now have a shot at magazine writing and becoming an influencer in their chosen industry.


Here are some tips to get you started in writing for a magazine:

Begin Reading the Magazines You Are Interested in Writing For

Regardless of the fact that you don’t have a news coverage major or didn’t complete your school training, you can in any case be a fruitful magazine essayist in the event that you are truly energetic and build up your written work abilities taking into account how your objective magazine introduces their articles. One approach to truly do this is to simply read the magazine you would need to compose for ans concentrate how their scholars compose diverse elements, meetings, and surveys and attempt to adjust that style in your composition.

Additionally, if ever you  continue checking out the magazine you might want to compose for, and you get that meeting, you can inspire the editors since you would have a smart thought about how they exhibit their magazine to their readers. You can likewise propose future themes and feel truly good discussing their magazine since you really know the substance they create.

Have the Initiative to Look for Your Own Stories

While you are as yet sitting tight for a genuine task from one of the best magazines in Dubai, why not take the activity to begin and search for your own particular stories identified with what you think may be a decent element for the magazine you might want to compose for. Know about the distinctive occasions in your general vicinity or the particular business you might want to expound on and after that go to occasions and expound on them on your own web journal or compose a specimen article that you can then submit to the magazine you are focusing on. You’ll never know when they may really require somebody to cover a few stories in various regions and your article may very well be gotten, which in the long run may arrive you that first significant magazine task!


Endeavor to Have an Active Social Media Network

These days, the general population you know are as vital as the abilities you have. That is on account of the world is associated by means of the Internet and you can really team up with authors, fashioners, and editors from everywhere throughout the world on a venture. In this way, you are not constrained to magazines or distributions in your nearby city and can really work for an organization that composes stories about various themes and news all around the globe. That is the reason it’s critical to keep a dynamic online networking system in well known stages like Facebook and Twitter and always redesign your newsfeed and posts with the goal that individuals will know your abilities and aptitudes, and may recall that you in the event that they have a specific venture or work as a main priority. You don’t just need to compose for printed magazines additionally get your written work abilities and skill for advanced news locales, online journals, and different sites.

Best Nursery in Dubai: How to Find It

Every parent wants the best for their kids especially when it comes to education. So it is but natural to try to exert the effort and put in the time needed in order to find the best nursery in Dubai for your child. Putting in the time and effort is one thing, but actually knowing what you are supposed to be looking for in a nursery is another. How can you tell if a nursery is a good one? Are there any telltale signs that could help you?


No Definite Method

When looking for a best nursery in Dubai, there is really no definite or fool-proof method you can use that will lead you to the best one. Nursery schools in Dubai have different approaches to learning so one school’s approach may not actually be the same with another and that would just cater to a certain group of kids or parents who want that particular teaching style or approach.

With that said, there is still something you can do to get some organization into your search. Here are some of the ways you can find a good nursery school without putting in so much of your effort and time in it.

Get Recommendations

Sometimes, we don’t need to go far in order to find the best nursery school in Dubai. All we need is a good recommendation from a friend, family member, or colleague. However, it is important that before you consider the recommendation, the person recommending the school must actually have his or her kid enrolled in the nursery or know someone whose kids are enrolled otherwise, it’s like getting a recommendation from someone who has never tried something and only heard about it. In short, remember that you must still weigh the recommendations given to you when it comes to choosing a nursery school.

Go for a Surprise Visit

Nothing beats an actual visit to a nursery school when it comes to researching about them. It’s important that when you visit a school, it has to be a surprise visit because that’s the only way you can see what really transpires in their school on a daily basis. The problem with an announced visit is that they can actually dress up the school, hide unpleasant situations, and only present what they want you to see in order to convince you to enroll your kid.


Finally, when looking for the best nursery in Dubai, consider the location of the school. It is best to go for one that is close to your house or your office so that if there are emergencies, you can quickly reach the school and take care of your kid. Some parents also prefer walking or bringing their kids to school themselves instead of getting the services of a school bus or having someone else (maybe a nanny) to bring the kid to school. In these cases, then the proximity of the location of the nursery really becomes an important criteria for your choice.

Benefits of Going to a Sports Injury Clinic in Dubai

Are you suffering from chronic pain? Do you have an injury from sports or work-related accident? Wondering where you can get the right treatment for these conditions? Well, wonder no more! For these types of ailments and similar conditions, you should go to a reliable sports injury clinic in Dubai.


Why a Sports Clinic?

You might be asking yourself why you need to go to a sports clinic instead of just going to a regular hospital? The reason is that in a sports clinic, the doctors specialize in treating patients who have acquired an injury through sports, work accidents, or other outdoor activities.

At a sports clinic, the focus in the rehabilitation of the patient and full recovery (if possible) through natural programs like exercises, therapy, and diet and proper nutrition. Most of the treatments being used in sports clinic are natural, holistic, and do not require costly surgeries of heavy prescription drugs. In this sense sports medicine is very different from other fields of medicine because it really specializes in the body’s form and how different parts function in accordance to the rest of the parts of the body.

So when you really want to get to the bottom of your condition or physical problem, then you should definitely opt for a sports injury clinic in Dubai. Here are more details on what benefits you can get if you go directly to a sports clinic for your sports-related injuries:

  1. Experienced sports doctors – sports doctors have years of study just specializing on muscles, joints, cardiovascular specialization, and rehabilitation or physical therapy for patients. If you have suffered an accident and your body is not responding or reacting to things around you in the same way, then you might need to have a sports doctor diagnose your condition. Usually, people might already have a trauma or concussion that they are not aware of that is causing the pain they are feeling throughout their body. With the help of a sports doctor, you can determine the real injury and how it can be treated properly through natural methods.
  1. Improve your overall body strength – you don’t have to have a physical injury in order to benefit from the services of a sports clinic. Most of the athletes that go to sports clinics are there because of the strength training they get from experienced and highly trained sports doctors in the clinic. In sports medicine, the types of exercises are also studied and their effects are also scrutinized in order to provide the most accurate information to sports doctors and from the sports doctors to their patients.
  1. Get proper Food Nutrition Programs – aside from the exercise programs you can get, going to a sports clinic will also give you access to a very scientific approach to eating. You can request your sports doctor or nutritionist to make a customize meal plan for you that will also complement whatever type of exercise program or therapy you are taking at their clinic. This is usually the procedure for most patients at sports clinics.

Preschool Questions Answered

Finding a good preschool is important because your child’s time in the preschool actually helps him or her prepare for the challenges of elementary school. Most if not all parents will agree that preschool is really a valuable part of a child’s educational life, but finding a good one can take time and can be very confusing and frustrating.


So here are some answers to your most asked questions on how to find a good preschool for your kid:

How old should my child be before I let him or her enter a preschool?

The preschools you will find mostly accept children between the ages of 3 to 5 years old. Though you can already send you 3-year-old kid to a preschool, most kids enter at age 4.

There are also some preschools that allow younger kids to enter their class like between the ages of 2 and 2 ½, but this really depends on the school and usually they would have a separate classroom for younger children where there are more teachers that can watch the young kids.


What schedule is best for my kid when entering a preschool?

There are many preschools who offer part-time and full-time schedules and the slots you choose will of course depend on how much time you can spend with your kid. Some parents only get the part-time schedule because they can actually take care of their kid at some parts of the day while there are parents who really just take the full-time because they are both working and they need to have a place for their kid to stay while they are away.

More info here

When should I start looking for a preschool for my kid?

There are some parents who plan way ahead for this moment. So that means they start their preschool search about 1 year before they plan to send their kid. But there are also parents who do the search just a few months before like 3-6 months and then decide on which preschool is best suited for their kid.

Your location will also matter when it comes to searching for a preschool and actually making a reservation to enroll your kid. If you live in the city where there may be tougher competition for specific slots in certain preschools, then you really have to do your research early and make sure your kid gets a slot for that year or next. If you live in a more suburban or rural area where there may not be a lot of students enrolling at preschools, of course you can wait a little longer when searching for a school for your child.


These are just some of the important questions you might be asking yourself about choosing a preschool and how you should go about your search for one for your kid. Remember that a fast way to know which preschools are performing well is to simply ask some of the parents or friends you have and inquire about their experiences and what they have heard of other preschools around your area.



What Not to Do to Your Website Design

Today, it’s almost not acceptable not to have a website if you are a business person, a company, or someone who just likes to blog or share information about something you are very interested in. The Internet is really a part of modern human life now and it’s hard to think how it would be like without it. Websites are just all over the net and there are websites for just about any topic you can imagine.


Since we know that the fact you are reading this blog, you are one of those people who frequent the net and probably have visited thousands of websites throughout your lifetime. When we visit a website, there are just some things that can really annoy us and make us want to get the hell out of dodge there immediately.




If you are a website designer or are looking for a good website design in Dubai, here are those things that you really shouldn’t allow yourself or your designers to do to your site:


Crazy, cluttered content

Don’t try to explain every little tiny detail on your website unless you want to risk having a mess on your landing page. When you write content, make sure you can communicate using simple or everyday words so that your readers can also easily understand your message. You are not trying to write an academic paper here, this is a website! People come to your site to quickly get information they need, not to spend their precious time trying to decipher your cryptic message so save your energy and just write content direct to the point.


Long-form content

Aside from simplifying your message, you should also take a look at the length of your content especially on the homepage. If you decide to put a very lengthy text there, chances are your visitors would not even take a second look at your homepage. They will skip the long opening content and immediately check out your navigation bars to see where they can find the info they are looking for. So don’t waste time and resources trying to highlight your company history, or give background details about your CEOs or other board of directors. Nobody really cares because if they did, they wouldn’t be going to your website. They would actually be contacting you and asking to set up an interview with these executives, not really checking out your website like stalkers.

Annoying images

If you think posting a bunch of photos would attract your visitors and actually convince them to stay, you are making a big mistake. Web surfers nowadays can’t be fooled by pictures and the attention span is just too short in order to scrutinize each photo on your website. So the best thing to do is to just use 2-5 high quality photos on you site, spread them on different pages on your site and have a classy, very professional look without that clutter of images that may not even be impressive to look at. Now the web design trend is less is more!

Dubai Business Setup Process

Wondering how you can start your own company in Dubai and take advantage of the city’s liberal business laws and tax exemptions? The good news is Dubai’s government has made it very easy for investors to setup their company. You can actually choose to establish your company within Dubai, which is called a mainland office, or choose to have an office in one of the free trade zones of the city.


Here is an overview of a typical company incorporation process in Dubai:

First, the best way to go about your Dubai business setup is to contact a company formation agency who can help you determine the proper documents you need to prepare for your application. The consultants at this agency will also be by your side when submitting and taking care of follow-ups regarding your business setup process.

You can simply search online for company formation agencies and compare their track record and customer reviews/feedback to get an idea who’s the best company for your requirements. There are also some consulting firms for Dubai business setup who offer marketing services, so after you have completed your company incorporation process, they can actually also take care of marketing campaigns for your business. This would be very convenient for you considering that you are a new comer in the city and may not yet be aware of your target market and how to reach out to your local customers.

Second, after choosing your company formation agency, their consultants will help you decide which is more appropriate for your business: free trade company or mainland company. Free trade companies are those that are setup within the various free trade zones of Dubai. If you are a foreign investor, setting up in a free trade zone will allow you to own your business 100%. However, you cannot operate within the mainland of Dubai. This means you cannot sell any products or services to local residents unless you get a local distributing company.

On the other hand, if you setup your business in the mainland, you can cater to the needs of local Dubai residents but you cannot own your company 100%. You will need to find a UAE national to become your business partner. In this case you will only be allowed to own up to 49% of your company, but will be allowed to operate fully within Dubai.

Finally, when you have decided whether you want to be in a free trade zone or in the mainland of Dubai, your company formation consultants will then start your application process by asking you to complete and file all the necessary documents. There are also different fees for licenses and permits so it is also a good idea to prepare your funds beforehand.

Depending on the type of company you apply for, the process can take as short as 3 weeks to process if you have complete documents and there are no issues with your requirements. For mainland companies, usually it takes longer especially if the applicant takes time finding a UAE national as a business partner.


More info at

Lube Oil 101: Types of Lubricant Oils for Your Engine

Getting the best quality or most expensive lube oil for your car is not exactly the right thing to do all the time. Don’t believe when you see advertisers say that their lube oil is for every type of engine and that you can get them for a cheaper price and end up saving more money and getting more mileage for your car. Truth is, there are different types of lube oils and each of them serve a different purpose and different type of engine depending on the condition of the car.


Here are some of the most common ones and the particular purpose they are made for:

High-mileage Lube Oil

For older cars or engines, oil refiners make what’s called the high-mileage lube oil. This was specially formulated and recommended for vehicles that are 6 years and above or already have a very high mileage on their odometer. For example, most sellers of this type of oil will sat that if your car has reached 75,000 miles you are already supposed to use their high-mileage formula as your engine oil.

High-mileage lube oil also has additives that make it able to better protect the old engine of a car. It has good viscosity that can help decrease the burn-off of oil in the engine. Using this type of oil for your old car will definitely give it better performance and improve the overall combustion and power of the engine.


Synthetic Lube Oil

This type of lube oil is made at very controlled labs and oil refineries for the purpose of creating a lubricant for high-performance engines such as for luxury cars, racing cars, and for some new, big engine vehicles. A lot of scientists and chemists work on coming up with different formulas for a certain synthetic oil blend and some of this types of products are even used for complex machines in different industries.

For example, high quality synthetic lube oil can be used in factories for machines that manufacture different products. They are also the oil that is being used in spacecrafts and other vehicles or explorations being sent outer space. But you don’t need to go outside of this planet to see a few more practical use of synthetic oil. All you need to do is think about your airplanes and choppers because they also use synthetic lube oil for their engine.

Synthetic oils can be quite expensive because of the amount of effort, time, and money that it takes to produce it. That’s why if your car is not a luxury car, or you don’t use it for any high-performance situations, better just to stay away from synthetic oil.


Conventional Lube Oil

If you do not have an old car, but also don’t need a lube oil for any high-performance situations, then your best bet is conventional lube oil. This is created from the mineral oil that oil refiners produce. It is best if you just want a cheap yet reliable, lube oil to fit your car engine.



Know more about lube oils at Lubrex Lubricants.

What Are Some of the Services You Can Find at Sports Clinic Dubai

You might have heard of people going to sports clinics but don’t really know what exactly they are going there for. You might think that sports clinics are only for athletes or sports enthusiasts who need special care from doctors and therapists and it costs a lot of money to go to one.



You will be surprised to know that sports clinics are actually just like your regular hospitals where patients of all ages can come in for treatment. The main difference is that sports clinics focus on treating physical conditions of the patients such as injuries, body pains, motor movement issues, and some other physical disabilities that might have been acquired at birth or through other unfortunate accidents. In other words, sports clinics are not just for rich sports people or athletes. Their specialties and treatments are also open to the general public.

So when you go to a sports clinic Dubai, there are several services you can expect to get there. These may all vary of course depending on which clinic you go to, but more or less you will easily find these services at established sports clinic in the city:


Treatments for Injuries and Injury Prevention

Most of the sports clinics you will find will have this kind of treatment for its patients. There are different programs that can help patients recover from their sports-related injuries and there are also exercises and nutrition or diet plans that can aid in improving the over all condition of the body so that it becomes more resistant to illnesses and injuries. A great effect of these treatments is that the patient will also experience an over all improvement in his emotional and mental conditions.


Assessment of Injuries and Rehabilitation

Of course a sports clinic is not a sports clinic if it doesn’t assess the patient’s physical condition and then offers a customized program for rehabilitation of the any of the problems found during the assessment. Sports clinic Dubai services like the ones found at disc-me clinic include the checking of injuries that have been chronic, short-term, or those that are recurring and might also be related to other physical ailments.


As part of the rehabilitation, you will also get a personalized diet plan that will contribute to the faster rehabilitation process. For the rehabilitation, expect to get some combination treatments like massages, exercises, and some motor tests and a series of manual joint manipulation.



Screening of Musculoskeletal System


One of the main services every sports clinic should have is the screening of the musculoskeletal system and posture of the patients. This procedure is mainly for assessing complains about back problems and muscle strains and is effective in helping your doctors and therapists determine how to properly treat your condition.


Through a musculoskeletal system screening, your specialists can check which parts of your spine or bones are problematic and need immediate attention or therapy. They would be able to see the weak areas of the bones and treat it immediately to regain its functional condition.